Next Event: 2020 Catfish Conference, Feb. 22 at 11am

The ACA will be hosting a number of live and online Q&A sessions. Make sure you like and follow the ACA to be notified of dates, times and locations of our Q&A forums.


We realize  the catfishing community has many questions and concerns along with some great ideas and it's our intention to address as many of your questions as possible.


With that in mind, to avoid being overwhelmed with hundreds of questions from the audience,  we thought it would help to create a platform where to ensure your question is reviewed and addressed during the Q&A event.

Your questions will also be a useful tool for the ACA to create a detailed FAQ section here on our information website.

PLEASE NOTE: During the Q&A sessions, disrespectful, hostal or vulgar behavior or comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.