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  1. That commercial fishing and for profit private lake operations follow the same size regulations that are currently in place or may be adopted for the recreational segment.

  2. That certain indiscriminate fishing apparatus is banned from use and subsequent allowable apparatus is mandated to be clearly identified with the owner’s information.

  3. Since patrons of private pay lake operations may not be required to be licensed, that those same patrons pay a nominal conservation fee per visit that would go towards state conservation programs and research.

  4. That pay lake operations be regulated and limited to the number of fish they can take possession of that originate from public waters.

  5. That the transportation of live fish over state lines be prohibited unless a special permit is obtained. Said permitting would be limited to accredited aquariums, research organizations, catch and release (to the same public waters) tournament events, and cooperating state stocking programs.

  6. That violation fines be substantially increased to all segments and operations, and include asset confiscation and revocation of any and all licenses and permits for habitual violators.

  7. That commercial fishing be encouraged and possibly incentivized to target invasive species for non-human consumption processes.

  8. That harvest limits, (creel/bag limits) be employed.  There is no reason that any one angler needs to harvest an unlimited number of fish per day.

  9. That trophy catfish be classified as a sport fish throughout the state internal and bordering waterways.


Your support helps us urge state regulators of just how important conservation and regulation reform is to our public fisheries 

Thanks for your support.

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