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The American Catfishing Association (ACA) Conservation Foundation is excited to announce the creation of a dedicated conservation fund, designed to support vital conservation projects. This fund will be managed by an oversight committee, carefully selected from our members.


We are looking for passionate ACA members to serve on this oversight committee. As a committee member, you will play a crucial role in deciding how and where the funds will be allocated. Ideal candidates will have:

  • A strong passion for catfishing.

  • A solid understanding of conservation and regulation reform processes.

  • Significant administrative experience to manage the fund effectively and collaborate as part of a dedicated team.

Conservation Fund Oversight Application
Your information will be reviewed by a selection committee.  Please be sure to be as detailed as possible for the best chance for consideration.

Thank you for your interest in being part of this important effort.
Upload Word or PDF File

Thank You For Your Application And Support!

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