Here’s a great way to gather more exposure for your efforts and help the catfishing community learn more about the great sport of catfishing.


The ACA is assembling articles, videos, podcasts and radio interviews to be indexed and made available to the ACA membership and public visitors on the new ACA website coming soon and invite you to be part of this important feature.  The ACA will tag all shared content with the author/provider’s name, social media links, etc. to ensure proper recognition and added exposure for all providers.


The ACA is looking for content for the disciplines of Rod & Reel Fishing, Jug Lining, Trot Lining and Noodling for the following categories:


  • Area Waters

  • Bait & Attractants

  • Boating and Boat Care

  • Conservation & Reform

  • Fish Care

  • Industry News

  • Live Well Setup & Maintenance

  • Marine Electronics

  • Marine Safety

  • Navigation

  • Outboard Engines

  • Pro Staffing

  • Product reviews

  • Rod & Reel Maintenance

  • Social Media How To

  • Specie Information

  • Sponsorship Recruitment

  • Sportsmanship

  • Tackle & Equipment

  • Tips & Techniques

  • Tournament Management

  • Tournament Participation

  • Towing and Launching

  • Travel & Destinations

  • Unique Products and Ideas

  • Volunteer & Charitable Efforts



Articles should be no longer than 650 words.  Please review all articles for grammar and spelling before submitting.  If longer, please consider editing the article into a series. If there are images that accompany the article, please include the images as separate image files formatted as a .jpg or .png no larger than 1mb.



Please keep videos to approximately no longer than 3 minutes.  If you have a video that is longer, please do you best to edit it down to 3 minutes or less or break it up into a series. Please remove any and all advertising and promotion within the video(s).


Podcasts and Radio Broadcasts

Please keep your podcast excerpts to just the subject matter, excluding any advertising or promotion. If the podcast subject matter is longer than approximately 5 minutes, please consider breaking the segment into a series. If there are images that accompany the interview, please include the images as separate image files formatted as a .jpg or .png no larger than 1mb.


ALL submitted media must be family friendly!

To submit your media for consideration, please complete the "Call For Contact" submission table. Please ensure you properly provide all your information and content.

Thank you for your assistance!  We look forward to you and your content being part of the ACA for many years to come.

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