In the coming months, the ACA will begin full operations.  The ACA will offer countless efforts and benefits, including conservation, education, member benefits and so much more. It remains the primary objective of the ACA to unify and represent the sport of catfishing in a way the entire catfishing community will benefit from and be proud of.

These objectives will need significant resources to properly be achieved and those resources will come primarily through membership.

With the aforementioned in mind, the ACA is seeking individuals  throughout the nation interested in becoming  an ACA Ambassador representative in their area. 

Qualifications Needed

To qualify as an ACA Ambassador you must possess the following:


1. Significant knowledge of the sport of catfishing.

2. Understand your area regulations and conservation conditions and able to identify aspects of needed reform.

3. Be personable and able to communicate both verbally and in writing effectively.

4. Have good computer and technology skills.


5. Have time to devote to occasional events where you will be asked to represent the ACA.

6. Have the ability manage an ACA social media presents for your area.


7. Possess the ability to encourage those within your area to join the ACA and have a complete understanding of all that the ACA offers and stands for.

8. Have the ability to take possession of, care for, transport, setup, pack up and ship ACA exhibits.

9. Represent the ACA, its members, associates and sponsors with the highest level of professionalism, respect and responsibility. 

10. Provide the ACA with a resume for evaluation.

11. Successful applicants will be required to execute and honor a Non Disclosure Agreement to secure confidential information that may be disclosed.

What The ACA Will Provide

If you are selected as a value ACA Ambassador, the ACA will provide you with the following:


1. The ACA to provide training, guidance and support as needed. 


2. Complete information instruction about the ACA organization and web site features.

3. Professional credentials including, ID badge, business cards and stationary.

4. A unique ACA Ambassador profile with a URL (web address) tailored to you personally and your efforts.

5. An ACA logoed shirt and cap.


6. ACA brochures, videos and promotional support.

7. A unique array of ACA social media outlets specifically designed for your area and membership community.

8. A complete 10' x 10' professional exhibit booth shipped to you for you use at your events. (must be reserved in advance).


9. The ACA will reimburse (pending event approved) the expense for booth space and transportation to and from your location of the exhibit equipment. 

10. Provide conservation resources and procedure policy training.

11. The ACA will provide you with a unique code that you or your recruited members will use when enrolling. Each new member you succeed  enrolling, the ACA will compensate you up to 10%. (schedule of compensation to be provided)

To make an initial application for a position as an ACA Ambassador representative, please complete the below submission registration. A representative of the ACA will review you submission and contact you to discuss your association.  Thank you for your consideration.