October 5, 2020: Over the last several years, the sport of catfishing has grown significantly to over 8 million anglers, becoming the 3rd largest segment in the multi-billion dollar recreational fishing industry.  Not only is the catfish segment growing, but it is also now setting new exciting standards unlike anything before.  The newly formed American Catfishing Association in conjunction with many of the nation’s popular independent tournament events has come together to create a unique tournament alliance and points race program that is sure to become a popular industry model.


The unprecedented ACA Tournament Alliance currently has over 60 events and trails on board with many others soon to be announced. These various events and trails have created 4 divisions comprised of various sized events and complimented by a points race program within each division.  ACA member anglers can then compete all season long for thousands of dollars in division cash, prizes, and title recognition.


“The ACA Tournament Alliance model is a big win for everyone.  Sponsors can count on great exposure, tournaments can work together and learn from one another and the participating anglers have a chance to compete both against those in a certain tournament, as well as other anglers around the country. It is a great concept with significant upside for all,” stated Bryan St Ama, Director of the Texas-based Catmasters tournament series.


An added benefit to the ACA Tournament Alliance is a one-stop promotional opportunity for companies and brands both with participating events and the ACA Points Race sponsorship programs. 


“As an organization with a significant customer base within the catfishing community, we are very encouraged by this monumental accomplishment and look forward to supporting this dynamic model,” stated SeaArk Boats President, Steve Henderson.  


The various ACA Tournament Alliance events will feature a significant number of tournaments per division, giving anglers the choice of division, location, and events.


Oct. 5, 2020

JAN. 9, 2020



January 9, 2020: Over the last several years, the sport of catfishing has grown significantly. According to a recent study conducted by the US Fish and Wildlife Department in conjunction with the US Census Department, as of 2018 over 8 million anglers targeted catfish. That equates to over 22% of the estimated 36 million recreational anglers in the United States.


George Young, Jr., an avid catfish angler along with other industry leaders including organizations like Bill Dance Outdoors, B’n’M Rods, SeaArk Boats, RIGRAP, Offshore Tackle, and The Catmasters as well as many others have come together to put in place an association that is being designed to bring a long-desired synergy to the catfish segment.  After many years of conversations and over the last several months of effort, the group has progressed substantially creating what is sure to become a long-awaited association the catfish community is sure to embrace.


The new American Catfishing Association (ACA) will first and foremost provide its membership with a long list of benefits; everything from travel discounts to membership deals on equipment. In fact, the ACA is soon to put in place one of the nation’s largest benefits programs that will enable the ACA to offer its members over 700,000 different retail and service provider discounts through a specialty app. Just a few of many more key aspects of the ACA will be the education of anglers interested in the sport of catfishing with tips and techniques, implementation of conservation efforts throughout the country, establishment of various local, state, and national policies, the creation of a detailed calendar of events, the unification of the many tournament circuits with standardized rules and regulations and many other countless resources.


There will be various levels of membership that will include a limited number of charter/lifetime memberships, annual individual and family memberships, sponsorship memberships, along with affiliate and professional guide service memberships.